Pills and gum to quit smoking

Today I went to see my general practitioner and ask for something to help me quit smoking.
She prescribed me Varenicline - it’s a bit expensive but I want to give it a try.

Have you ever tried this pills? Did you used other pills or gum instead?
How were your experiences?

I am a bit frightened with my doc words, she said that it will come down to my willpower. I’m afraid that it isn’t enough to quit it :cold_sweat:

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It always comes down to willpower. There’s no miracle treatment. Because addiction is engrained into your brain and it’s tough to break the cycle even with chemical intervention. Even with naltrexone +Zoloft decreasing my cravings for alcohol and other drugs tenfold. There’s a lot of things I have to manage correctly to stay sober. And it does involve willpower. However is much much easier with meds for me assisting me.

Which pill did she give you?? Not Wellbutrin no???

Wellbutrin can help stop smoking.

I’m allergic to the patch so I always used the gum and I liked it cuz it satisfy the oral fixation a bit.

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She prescribed Varenicline (here has the commercial name of Champix) that’s the substance name…
What I’ve seen from Wellbutrin is that is more for people who besides smoking they also suffer from depression. Varenicline is a partial agonist while Wellbrutrin is an antagonist - that’s the main difference.

I’ve been craving more cigarettes due to the stress I have in college, usually I have 10 to 15 minutes of silence from my voices, which really helps when they annoy me with my insecurities. That’s the main problem, although I hope I can handle my voices without cigarettes, but it will be a hard battle.

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I have 100 plus of the gum, 4mg. I had a reaction to it… my stomach gi probs. I wish i.could send it to you…


I used chantix to quit dipping. I did it for 23 years and it made it easy to stop. It didn’t help with the withdrawal though. If you’re prone to depression it could make that worse. Once I quit I had to stop taking it due to worsening depression.

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I like the patch. It’s just a pain because it falls off when I used it. Need extra tape to keep it on. Might go see the doctor soon to see if I can get some free ones to quit smoking.

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I usually try to sleep it off or try and walk or something. I only lasted 1 year smoke free. Now I’m smoking again. I got triggered easily.

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