Pill Handing Out Services

Help me find better Google search terms!

What is the name for the places that can track your meds and give them out to you per dose. For addicts or for other reasons.

Like a methadone clinic? Idk if they do all meds there or just methadone, but they might know where to look?

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Daily pill packs?

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My mother controls my meds. I am not allowed more than a weeks worth here.

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That’s what I’m working with, except it’s one dose at a time, and my mouth has to be checked. I’m looking for a service like this so I can be more independent.

I was wondering about a methadone clinic. I’ll call the one I know of today. It’s far from my house though (like 35 minutes).

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My CPN said he’d do this every day if he had to. Do you have a case manager that could help?

Maybe a nearby pharmacy could help you out if the doctor requests it?

Perhaps get on a depot?


What’s a depot?

I have a case manager, but she doesn’t seem to have access to anything better than google for finding stuff for me. I can certainly ask her though. Good idea.

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I get my meds blister packed which definitely helps.

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Good luck

An injection of anti psychotics so you don’t have to take pills


Oh! That could be helpful for my Haldol for sure. I also need supervision with my adderall though.