Picturing the voices

voices can be pretty nasty in nature. Especially those that just won’t quit.

In my mind imagine myself as sitting in a 3 walled box.

One wall is left open, a window into the world.

On my left is a waterfall.

Behind me and to my right are flowering ivy. Constantly in motion as if it were an animal.

Sometimes the waterfall is flowing sometimes it’s not.

Sometimes the ivy takes a rest and falls quiet.

My primary voices are the ivy. The supplemental voices which are especially evil/creepy are the waterfall.

When it all ramps up I remember this scene and it comes to life. It is almost beautiful.

It counteracts this disease’s insidious nature.


What a beatiful yet bizzare picture.
Im thrilled.

When I’m just looking at the ceiling at night I see from a great cliff overlooking a mountain range with skies of orange. Even light. A different world.

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Write a story about it! Beautiful.

Probably a (poison) ivy is not an issue…but a box.

I don’t know how I came to live in this place, but it sustains me. I eat of the fruit and drink of the water. All my needs are within reach. I sit and stare at a grand vista. I watch the seasons pass. The life of the flora and fauna allow me to still my mind. The clock has stopped. There is no day or night. Only life.

I have become one with this place. Perhaps it is heaven. The soul could rest here for eternity.

The ivy reaches out as if it wants to consume me. To make sure I’ll never leave. To make it truly permanent, and I am unafraid.

The water spreads across the floor. I’ve grown roots now. No need to move at all.

I’m photosynthetic. This place is more than a home. It is just an extension of the self now.

I go blind but the image still rings in the mind.

I was once alive. But now I’m something else. Overtaken by peace and serenity. I could truly die this way without a fuss.

Perhaps I’ll take the image with me beyond this life.

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Im speechless.
Don’t let these words dissapear.
Its you who makes your world such an extraordinary beatiful.

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Wow, that’s an interesting way to see things…I’m glad you found a way to make it less frightening for yourself…

I know what all of mine look like. Most of them I’ve seen in my dreams (they’re people).

Gloria is in her mid-30’s, pretty, with brown hair she wears up and she’s always in a dress, an old-timey one. Thomas has short brown hair and glasses, wears a dress shirt with a tie and slacks. 30’s as well. Gunn is slightly younger than me, like by a couple years. Short blonde hair and brown eyes, tall. The Professor is old, 60’s or more. His hair is sort of crazy and white but he’s balding, with a more tame beard and he has glasses. Claire is around 11 or 12, average length brown hair she sometimes wears in a ponytail, big brown eyes. Gregory has dirty long-ish black hair that’s wavy. Glasses and bad skin, pale and dresses mostly in black. He’s my age or slightly older.

Those are all the good ranging to neutral ones. Then there are bad ones who I feel like represent my negative side…but it’s all just speculation. There’s Norda who’s a couple years younger than me, with short brown hair (like a pixie cut) and brown eyes, shorter than me too. She likes darker colors as well. Gladys has shiny blonde hair and likes trench coats. Always looks perfect, well done makeup, all of it. Lou has curled dark hair and tan skin, and a goatee. Dresses well usually. Perfect white teeth and brown eyes. And then Cassy, who has long black hair and she’s actually Asian. (I’m white) She’s 11 or 12 as well.

My voices are weird.

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