pìctùres of my daughter

I got the best gift I can ask for yesterday. The father of my daughter sent to my cell phone, 2 beautiful recent pictures of my daughter who I have not seen in so long. We barely speak, and after going so long without speaking, my daughter agreed that from now on she will call me once a week from now on. This promise has turned out hard to keep because for awhile I did not have a phone, a day she was going to call the other day, and her dad said she did call 2 times, and did not get an answer.
she is so beautiful, a day she is so independant now. She has her own apartment now with her free loading boy friend. But I will not go there. Her dad promised me he will have her call me for christmas, that will make it the best Christmas in a very long time.


I feel badly for you kittycat that you don’t have the closeness with your daughter that you wish to have. i’ll keep you in my prayers tonight for the Sabbath.



I am so glad for you!
I`m waiting for the day when my kids will start talking to each other–and to me!