Pictures from my trip to Kauai part 1

image image image

image image image
Some of the places we went were better than others, but overall it’s been really pretty here. Some rain. I’m drunk since my mom bought me a cocktail with dinner. We have a hotel room by the ocean though it isn’t a resort or anything. The vegetation here is much more dense, much greener than on Oahu where I live.


Awesome! Lucky that looks very nice :blush:

Wow. Looks great @anon62973308. Your looking good and glad you had a good time. Scenery is gorgeous!

Nice pictures @anon62973308 !

What background are you ??

Chinese 151515151515

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Looks real nice @anon62973308

Sigh, I think I need a holiday :thinking:

Nice trip!You look very healthy and loveable in the photos.

Beautiful pics… thank u for sharing with us…

Is it true that the island smells like flowers? I heard from my brother’s friend a few years ago that it does. Cant believe I remember that…

It looks like paradise there…

Bump to show off to more people!

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Wow that is incredible. I was only at Hawaii once, at age 12, would have been 1996. The beaches were beautiful, the sand was soft, and the fish at the restaurants was delicious!!! I think I was on Maui.

Glad you had a good time.

Those are beautiful photos @anon62973308. Enjoy your vacation!

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