Picking myself up & Applying to PhD programs

As many of you know, I got my Master’s degree after I recovered from severe sza. I’m still recovered and I applied to 2 Phd programs and got rejected from both of them. :frowning:

I’ve been meandering around, looking for work and not finding it, taking random jobs, and have stopped working on projects in my major like I used to. I lost my dream of becoming a doctoral candidate.

After much thinking, I decided to just try again. Pick myself up, pick a different school, and try again. If I get rejected, so be it, but I’m going for like 8 school rejections now, not just 2 lol.

Going to see about JD law program, or a PhD program in education, or in my major which I won’t disclose because I get super paranoid about listing my major here. So, starting in September, I will apply for 2 Cali Universities and 1 JD program in Cali!


What does one study/do after a JD law program - sounds interesting? I’m happy to see you reapplying - awesome!!!

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I’d become a lawyer. I want to specialize in the constitution and also study the legal rights of the mentally ill :slight_smile:


Can you try employment agencies? Let them find work for you?

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I could, but the ones in my city only place people in production jobs. My friend in production quit after 2 weeks because it was so exhausting, so I’m nervous about taking the time to do their apps and interviews if it’s so horrible I’ll just wind up quitting. she said it was too physically demanding and she’s an amateur kickboxer, so I’m like man, what chance do I have?

I saw a vocational specialist for people with disabilities the other day and she found 2 jobs that I applied for (both were working with developmentally disabled adults, since I have experience in that from this year). I am hoping she will help me find work and improve my interview skills! Thank you!


Good luck!!

That’s so cool you have your masters. I don’t even have my bachelors yet. Heck, apply to 50 PhD programs then sit back and pick and choose who you want. You’re very smart so you can do it HaHaHa!

Take care :v:

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Good luck. I have a couple of reasons why I’m not trying to go for my phd. Still have a STEM masters degree so I’ve gotten some luck with jobs in the past because of it. Think I just want to get a job and then take it from there.

@Montezuma from what I remember each school costs around $100 to apply to.

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Yeah I forgot about application fees. I know some undergrad programs in the U.S. are free to apply to.