Picked up a demon in a mental hospital

This is my horror every night. First night in the hospital my roommate was having night terrors,something was chasing him or he was fighting with it. To get some sleep I prayed for this guy to see if I could help him some way. Within 10 seconds the terror that guy was going through stopped! Damndest thing I ever saw. I lay back and feel a hand shake my heart from side to side! Whenever I closed my eyes I saw that demon hanging on the wall above my bed. It had a tail and was dressed like a nun. It followed me home and has been tormenting me most nights for 6 years. I’ve been blessed 3 times but it won’t go away. I don’t know if I can just live with this thing till I die. How do you get rid of demons?

Take your meds and work with your pdoc. Be open about what your experiencing. No one knows how spiritual this desease is but we know the meds can work. Demons can’t hurt you only frieghten you. Work with you pdoc. And seek support. So sorry to hear about your struggles.


BINGO. I can tell you that in 25+ years of SZ, not a single threat from my delusions or hallucinations ever turned out to be real. Not a single date given for an apocalypse was ever correct.

It’s not real.

There is no threat.

It becomes VERY manageable with meds and practice.


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I agree with the above,

For like two years I was fighting with my “demons”

Not the case, have to get some help through medication/therapy etc.

Medication is your friend I deal with demons that seem very real but the meds make them seem less real and take them away except for the last week of my injection. You don’t have to live like this try different meds till you find one that works and is tolerable it may take time.

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You know they say when you want to protect your house from a robber you have to think like thief.

The question is always, what does a thief really want? To what extent will a thief go to get it?

Really most malevolent spirits look for what is not that hard to get. A theif does not want to work to get anything. In the movies, robbers (like the joker in the Dark Knight trilogy) are supposedly these master minds that can even fool gangsters and the cops, and even Batman, and they never go away.
Thats utter crap.

In reality, your run of the mill host jumper astral creep just wants a boost up in the baby chair, and a lot of people that are unfamiliar with what is going on give them it.

Such a nice guy for thinking of your neighbor in the other bed that was tormented.

What landed you in the hospital in the first place, by the way?

You “put them back where they belong.” Haven’t you ever been told to leave that thing alone, or they might follow you home?

They don’t mix sexes in the rooms in any hospital I’ve very been in.
Mommy- I’m smelling troll house cookies again.

Society and its rules and conventions and ethics are also the things we pick up. Equally as powerful, whether through another person, or our own stupid fascination with how to win in a world where everyone becomes land fill.

We think if someone makes a sacrifice or if we sacrifed ourselves, then some how we will win. We also think if get to our ritualized appointment on time and sit in the pew and take the “hosts” idea of how we should be here, then we are saved.

The ■■■■■■■ hypocritical thing about psychiatry, is that it has the same goal as religion, to save the lost and redeem the sinful, just uses different rituals and consumables.

Actually, there is no greater saviour than the person in you, that you constantly do not want to know or address or amplify, or shut the ■■■■ long enough to hear. Your hearing now though arent you. See we don’t sit still and wait for you to know what and who you are. You can run arround forever, your entire time here, fixing and repairing ■■■■ as it falls apart. Or you can sit still and let the process work itself out. LIFE is not about Doing… It is About BEING.

They did when I was in the hospital last month. Had a senior lady on the other side of the curtain from me. This was in a general ward – I was in for IV antibiotics. Never seen it in a psych ward.

Bad situation with a married woman looking for a way out of her marriage,found me. She tried dumping all her baggage on me and inviting herself into my life without talking to me first. The triangle fell apart and after alot of pain I got hit with all of it all at once, it put me in the hospital for 4 months. I get out and miss psycho stalked me for another 4 years. I didn’t know she was married, she would take her ring off at the gym.

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