Pick-up lines that never work on nurses

Excuse me nurse? Do you have a dictionary here?
The nurse says NO.
I flex my skinny little chicken arm and say… “Well, I guess you don’t need one with this definition”

Excuse me nurse? Do you know any good veterinarians?
The nurse says, "Why do you need a veterinarian?
I flex both my skinny little chicken arms and say… “Because these pythons are sick.”

Are you also with Life alert? Because I’ve fallen for you and I can’t get up.

When the book mobile would come to the hospital… “Nurse, I don’t have my library card… but can I still check you out?”

Are you surprised that NONE of these worked? :stuck_out_tongue:


grab your sick cup youve pulled?

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no offence, but did you actually think they would work !?!
try flowers and chocolates next time !
take care

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I like the one about the pythons. No one’s ever offered - but I wouldn’t like the flowers and chocolates either. Maybe a kitten -

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were you inpatient or outpatient. and does it matter? when somebody asks her the question “where did you meet” and she responds, “I met him at the mental hospital…”

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Routine Dr. question was “what do you use for birth control?”
My stock answer was “his personality.” Hehehe…


I think they are great :smile: