Picamilion 15151515

Anybody have any success with Picamilion and its effects?

I dont know what that is

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Picamilon (also known as N-nicotinoyl-GABA, pycamilon, and pikamilon) is a drug formed by a synthetic combination of niacin and γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It was developed in the Soviet Union in 1969 and further studied in both Russia and Japan as a prodrug of GABA. In Russia, picamilon is sold as a prescription drug.

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It seems to have a similiar effect to L Theanine, except it doesnt seem to touch dopamine.

I’ll probably order this stuff from powdercity and report my experience.


I ordered some today from Relentless Improvement. Should be here within 2 weeks.

Picamilion came today. Took 200mg and within 30 minutes I felt calm and relaxed. Not sedated, more of a zen state.

Would compare to a high dose of Taurine.

Definetly worth looking into.

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