Piano playing when I'm trying to sleep

My neighbors kids insist on playing the piano at 8:30 pm plus which is starting to drive me nuts cause that’s when I’m in bed usually trying to relax or sleep.

How can I get them to stop? Can I psychically break the piano? This is really making the voices act up and yell for them to turn it off. This worries me

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That’s a tricky one. Where I live it’s generally considered rude to be making a lot of noise after about 10pm, whereas 8.30pm most people would consider quite early. Maybe you could get yourself some decent earplugs, they are cheap but I find them really helpful (my partner snores lol). You could also try listening to your own music, sounds of nature or even white noise through some headphones, they would block out most of the piano racket.


Do what my next door neighbor did to me and go over to their house and have a private chat with them. Tell them your bedtime hour and politely ask them to finish their practice before that hour. It worked for me. Or ask them to invest in a keyboard where they can control the volume. That’s another thing I did for their benefit.

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Yes. They probably don’t even know they’re bothering Moonwalker. They might not comply, but it can’t hurt to try.

If it’s an electronic keyboard, some of them have headphone jacks that allow only the person practicing to hear.

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If they don’t comply should I fight fire with fire? I have a very large stereo I could shake their house with…

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It’s usually a bad idea to make enemies of your neighbors, even if they deserve it.

The way I look at it is I can be a worse enemy then they can. I’ve already read about stuff you can do like putting sugar by their door. Dropping car food around their house. I’ve done my research :stuck_out_tongue:

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I thought you heard piano as auditory hallucination cos I have heard piano notes as hallucination before.

Lol, you could give it a shot - Are you into heavy metal by any chance? :wink:

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No but you can break in and beat that sdob up.

You could call the police on them. Call 911. It’s illegal to disturb others after 10:00 pm.

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