Physical withdrawals?

I just started feeling like ■■■■ about an hour ago.

Nausea, tightness in the chest, can’t eat. I don’t know what is going on I hope this passes soon.

Another odd thing. I ate some onions last night, it’s all I can ■■■■■■■ taste. I brushed my teeth normally as well.

Bunch of odd ■■■■. Anyone else experience this kind of state when quitting tobacco.

maybe you can gargle a little bit if you have Listerine? Can you go for a walk? can you eat some greek yogurt?

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Yeah I did, it passes in a day or two… When I quit I used to shake a lot, like my legs and arms just started shaking, then it passed. Then while psychotic started to smoke again, made a goal to quit before the new year, but gradually

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It’s not so bad I forced some food down and had some water. I hate eating when nauseous, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

I know onions have some potent flavor to them, but damn. The flavor coming back 12 hours later.

Listerine… good call.

Yeah, weird flavor gone.

I was afraid it was a hallucination. I’ve been smelling a lot of things but I’m pretty sure they were all real smells.

Yogurt sounds good too. I don’t want to leave the house right now, but I’ll put it on my grocery list. It’d be a lot easier to eat in this state than solid foods.

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Good luck! don’t give in to temptations. Just a little patience.

Ah I feel better now. I was afraid it wasn’t going to pass.

Those were excellent suggestions.

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This happened to me before. This is what gets a lot of people for life.

Here’s what’s going on and the key. See? It has to do with your dopamine neurotransmitters. If you thoroughly understand that then you can understand easily. But yeah this happened to me before it can possibly go away. Which is depended on how young you are and how healthy your immune system is. You’re not gonna make it if you’re eating peanut butter and tortillas every day, unfortunately… Which is environmental. You need a healthy diet. And if you stuff your head into a giant beer you’re going to just add to problems…

But yes physical withdrawals happen big time. My eye balls were going nuts for months actually… Especially on harder APs…

This is why you have to go down in dose very very very slowly over the course of like say? 2 years.

And if you’re quitting cigs and alcohol and anti ds on top of that you may as well just put your head through the wall.

If it looks like your immune system! Is working in the correct direction chances are it is… Except it’s basically trying to clean up a nuclear blast… To call it uncomfortable is an understatement.

You should research more into it if you’re interested… But, the rule of thumb is gradually over a long scale of time. Right? Do you know how off your biochemistry has to be to produce hallucinations in the first place?

This is called down regulation which is the opposite up regulation… And most doctors won’t even try to do this probably for legal concerns and ethics… But I think it’d be the favorable outcome if you can.

Many people will disagree with me I’m aware of that.

Man hallucinations are less of an issue than they have been since I got sick.

You’re right though my diet is terrible lol, but not smoking is the first step in my eyes.

I haven’t taken anti psychotics regularly in months.

Things are different, that’s for sure but I know things will normalize. This is just the way things are for now.

Good looking out though.

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A walk does sound good + lots of water. That’s what I felt like doing after reading your post. Maybe throw in some natural greens into the body, like a good wholesome salad to help settle the stomach with its alkalinic properties.

When I eat bad or unorthodox-like I’m out-of-it as well.

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Never was a smoker but I’ve heard it’s more addictive than cocaine.

I’m really impressed that you can function without meds and can control your hallucinations. Congratulations. I can barely function even with meds. You can basically do anything. Study, work, enjoy your life without side effects. I don’t know what you’ve been through but it’s something I admire.

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And if this isn’t proof to all the delusional peoPle that are reading this that this is a biochemicle illness!!!

Fight it how you want. Everyone is different. This is not one illness.

I could go on for days about all the different things I’ve learned about my particular case of schizophrenia.

Meds never did it for me man. I took a bunch of adderal and pot and seriously wrecked how my mind functioned. It has not been easy climbing out of all that ■■■■.

@waterway Thanks :grin:

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It only get’s easier with time. I never really got hit with negative symptoms. It’s just been this really repetitive head mess and ah it’s insane. It’s difficult but I’m doing 100 times better than I was even just a couple of weeks ago. Still it’s a work in progress.

I can hear my neighbors walking around and cars driving by and stuff and not hallucinate where it used to be a constant thing. It’s just triggers and expectations and guilt complexes and all sorts of neurotic things that pass through my head.

You seem to be doing well for yourself. The work you shared with us is very clean and modern. You’ve got talent. You also seem quite driven. If that’s barely functioning then I’m not functioning at all.


Don’t worry. When you get better were gonna play a game. It’s called keep away from the single mothers!!!

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Hah. Sounds good buddy.

I’m sorry your having to struggle through this one…

Yes… I hit a nauseous phase and just feeling like garbage… it did pass.

for now eat soft foods… I don’t really mean soft in texture… but not upsetting to the stomach…

Yogurt… cheese… low acidic fruit… rice …

I hope you feel better soon… the first parts are the hardest… good luck

Being as my qualifications are about the limits of prescribing chocolate. I’d suggest time to see a doctor.