Physical morphing delusions?

My psychiatrist says my symptoms are somewhat unique in that I don’t only hallucinate in images and sounds, but in physical feelings as well. Sometimes my body feels like the insides are too big for the outsides, or sometimes my hands and feet feel upside-down. On really bad days, it hurts a lot.

Does anyone else get these kinds of symptoms?

Sometimes I get these weird sensations where I feel like my arms are slightly ahead of where they actually are, or like I have multiple limbs. Like my spirit is slightly out of my body or something.

I get dissociative stuff like that a lot. That’s what my therapist called it. It never hurts though…

Being slightly out of the body is a good way of describing it. It’s just like things aren’t right, but sometimes it’s hard to explain.
I’m sure my pain isn’t real. My doctor says it’s psychosomatic, which I’m sure if true, but it still happens.

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