Physical Health Assessment

My local Mental Health trust has just started doing physical health screening.

I am very worried they might find something.

The med I am on amisulpride is common to cause raised prolactin but I don’t want to change drugs again as I am happy with this one.

I will probably get a lecture on lack of exercise, smoking and being over-weight.

Hopefully it will go ok and they don’t find something. I am still getting worked up about it though


Hope everything works out for you @Joker.


I’m sure it’ll turn out fine

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If the sugars fine they usually find nothing, the big risk with second generation antipsychotics is diabetes


At my last place the mental health trust did physical health checks every 6 months or so because I was on a depot .

Here in Wiltshire they’ve been quite a lot less frequent . It seems there’s no national standard as to if and when such checks are done .


I had good blood pressure and my ECG was normal.

I find out about my prolactin and blood sugar soon

I found out I am 5 foot 9 inches - I thought I was 5 foot 7! I am also heavier than I last weighed. I am 94 kilos now when I did get my weight down to 79 kilos about a year ago

Had the usual lecture about smoking, and I just said give me a break because I don’t do any other drugs now.

I actually went to school with the nurse, but I don’t think he remembered me which I am glad of as I hated school


I have only had a service from the NHS when I have been in hospital.

I think it’s a good thing they started doing this. Apparently they do it for the staff and patients.

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they found that us with sz sometimes and maybe often have shorter life spans because our physical health doesn’t get monitored properly.

i bet you that’s why.


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One physical a year here and blood tests monthly for humira med

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