Photos from art gallery I went to

Here are photos I took from the art museum today. Some are by kids, who are shockingly talented!! I’m thinking of doing some drawing and painting again. I used to like doing charcoal portraits, so I’ll start with that. It’s part of what I’m learning in day treatment. They are talking about liking yourself and finding your worth, and maybe I can do that through art. My brain is not as good as before, and I keep thinking going back to work will solve all my problems, but maybe there are other things I can work on right now to improve my life.


Thanks for sharing !

That’s pretty cool that you were inspired by your visit.

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Yeah, support groups are a big part of my life right now so I think I’d like to practice doing portraits for people at support group. I’ve come to know them pretty well and it interests me. But my skills are bad right now…

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Very nice! 155555

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