Photographers: Is doing a set in lingerie weird for the photographer or the person being photographed?

I’m making a book of myself in lingerie for my husband for the holidays.

Might as well do it while I’m semi-youngish.

Nothing porno like,

Just tasteful poses in lingerie.

Is that weird for me to want and is it going to be weird to be photographed?

Is the photographer going to feel weird?

I feel like being half naked will be a thing.


If you feel weird about it, you could go to a female photographer ?


Umm I imagine if you go to a boudoir photographer they wouldn’t be uncomfortable at all🙂

But I can imagine as the one being photographed id be uncomfortable either way lol

That’s an awesome present to give your husband🤘


I think the photographer is female.

Pretty sure anyway.


That’s great !

One thing to make sure of is that YOU own the copyright to the photos. Some photographers retain the copyright or even just the right to use the photos. I assume you don’t want anyone else seeing the photos anywhere.



They are definitely just for my husband.

Good advise.


You’ll want to meet the photographer before the shoot

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Not likely to happen, at least not with a pro. It’s a rare professional that gives up copyright. I sure don’t.

More later, still working.


Photographers are usually used to all that. If your photographer seems uncomfortable, try a different one. It’s romantic to do for your husband and adds spice to your lives together. I think if you aren’t too shy about it, it’s a great gift to give hubby.

Nope, it’s a normal thing and a popular branch of photography. If it makes you feel good and your hubster happy, that’s win-win.

The ones who do it a lot don’t. They’re pro and won’t feel awkward or make you feel awkward. You’ll have a choice to buy prints or albums or books. You can negotiate to get digital files, but that will be a very expensive option. Photographers generally don’t ever release copyright on images unless you’re willing to pay an obscene amount of dosh.

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wowee…awesome sauce !!


No, there’s a million different photographers out there who specialize in different formats. If you pick the right one it shouldn’t be weird at all. As to if the whole idea is weird or not, I don’t think it’s weird at all. It’s a private matter between you and your husband. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to leave the book laying out on your coffee table when you have your parents over but you’re a good looking woman and if you do it tastefully it’s something that your husband can appreciate and enjoy.

Besides, what’s that old saying, “If you got it, flaunt it.”


I shot my sister and female friends photography in the past topless bikini. It was artistic and wasn’t weird. Kind of fun. I’m gay tho so everyone including myself was comfortable.

You should so do it. My sister still has the photos and loves them.

The cameras on these cell phones are so good now, just get your husband to photo shoot you.

i like the idea…

A professional photographer approached me on the tram in Gothenburg and showed me photos he had taken of people and asked if he could take my pictures.

I said yes.

The photos were naked.

I was naked in high heels in the forest.
I had a pony tail hair clip in too.

I did my own makeup and I’m not that good at it and was worse back then.
I was about 22 I think.

Some photos were black and white and some were colour.

I was much skinnier back then.

The photographer kept the negatives and I only got a set of the photos.
I lost the photos so now I don’t have one single one.

He probably forgot about the photos after he took them because he photographed so many people.

They were artistic.
Really nice.

They have places you can go and get Hollywood styled and dolled up.
They have professional makeup artist and professional stylist and professional photographer.
I had that done once and it was expensive but I had clothes on in that shoot.

I would take naked photos for my husband if I had one.

He would have to accept me a bit chubby though and wrinkly because I can’t seem to loose weight.

I gave Anders my x boyfriend a porno once.
Ha ha ha ha ha
It was papers stapled together with naked or lingerie photos of me glued on the pages.
On the from it said Anders porno magazine.
He said I don’t want him looking at other women and what a boring porno he got with only one woman.
Thanks Anders!
Love him but he can say less charming things sometimes.

I think it’s a great idea.

Your husband will love it.

I might see if there is a photographer and makeup artist I can afford and I might have a photo taken for my boyfriend too.
Although I have delusions about him and if he is married to a super model and his acting my bf then that would be silly a chubby wrinkly chick :hatching_chick: like me can have it’s charm too.
I could do it for myself.

Anyway go for it!
Good thinking!

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I didn’t feel awkward naked with the photographer.

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I didn’t pay the photographer I met on the tram and he didn’t pay me either.

He could do whatever he wanted with the pictures since he has the negatives.

I’m not always the smartest chick :hatching_chick:.:open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m a beginner photographer but I mean as an artist I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. I’ve considered posing nude for people to draw me at the college i go to lol so I don’t think it’s weird or anything

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