Philosophy thread

Who will join me in a philosophy conversation?
No need for big questions, we can stick to the normal day to day social constructs.

You pick any subject. We can have a normal conversation about it and see different point of views

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I start
I read somewhere this anectod
“it’s easy to seduce a women, it’s hard to find one worth seducing”.

It really speaks to me, all my life I haven’t met one worthy of my attention. Its actually a fear of mine that there will never be a girl who will be worth it for me, I can’t do what people do in movies and just seduce girls without feeling a connection.

I can’t win a girl with my rational thinking, I need to feel something for her to move forward. And right now I am apathic for one year.

I’m game. The so-called anecdote, in all its dubious sexist glory, makes the assumption that women which are easy to seduce aren’t worth seducing. Why? If the seduction itself is the goal, regarded as something like a sport, then that would make a great deal of sense. If the idea is to measure up the desirability of a woman by how much ‘resistance’ the offer then the criteria is ludicrous.

I suggest you read it again and try to comprehend what it’s saying then wrote another comment wich will not be passive aggressive and based on a misunderstanding in the anectod

There was no aggression in my comment. The first thing you do in ‘philosophy’ is to clarify terms and the intentions of the author. If you believe my reading is wrong explain why. At any rate, both propositions, “it’s easy to seduce a woman”, and “it’s hard to find one worth seducing” are unequivocally sexist. WOmen are not there to satisfy your high standards.


You’re clearly out of it.
This thinking of yours is so brained washed feminist

You clearly don’t understand the sentiment of wanting somebody but nobody is fit for you.

It’s not about my narcissistic view of myself that puts me above every female.

This correlates very good with sz and mentall illness (the anectod) because you need to feel something for someone to give her a change meaning that most of women are not worth it your troubles because you don’t feel a connection.

It’s not about “OmG eVeRY WOmeN Is eQuAL So I don’t need to choose because they’re the same”
It’s about what fits you and your soul.

And don’t tell me about sexism, are you a women or a men speaking for women rights?
Two are not equal btw,

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Thanks for making clear that whilst I might be a brain-washed feminist, you, on the other hand, couldn’t be farther from being a sexist as I hysterically and womanishly pointed out. Pity the debate had to end the very moment its terms became clear. Have a nice day, and I mean that.

I didn’t wanted to have a conversation with a passive aggressive dod like you anyway

Not passive aggresive, you’re just not very philosophically minded. By the way, what is a ‘dod’? It sure doesn’t sound good

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Dude, dood etcetc etc

gotcha! thanks!

Do squirrels pee?


Start over? 2515151516
You got my attention

Let’s give it a try, but all of us have to be open to revising our own prejudices, I think

I thought you accused me of sexism. So I took that as a accusation based on one anectod wich is not even mine.

Not the “so-called Crocodal”

I care about the text, not the person. And it’s not an anecdote, it’s just a poor attempt at making a witticism.

I am not fluent in English I don’t know the term, I guess it’s a saying. (Sorry for my English)

And I don’t think the author tries to be witty, I understand the saying, it’s based on real problems some people face in forming relationships

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It’s really speak with me after being medicated.
You see, we want relationships (we as human) but after apathy or plain feeling makes you blunt to any external feelings when you meet a person who makes you feel those wonderful feeling again It means that person is special and worth pursuing.

You can want relationships without feeling something for x person, and there’s Manny reasons money, social status, lonylees, etc.

But the true motivation in wining a person heart is when you do it with your soul

They must. But I have never seen it happen. So I am unsure.