Philip K Dick was sick

PKD said there were worse worlds than this one and that we are living in a computer simulation. The simulation is being reprogrammed over and over by the man upstairs. I can’t buy this. My life has bordered on unbearable so long and I have tried to commit suicide several times. If the world had been worse I’d never have survived. He was a drug addict and based his revelations on drug induced psychosis. This is a good place to post our delusions and I appreciate the people who speak out against them. There are a lot of crazy people in the world doing a lot of damage with their beliefs. I know I am not God, that the voice I’ve heard all these years was not God and I have no reason to believe the things he says. I know this, he contradicts morality and God is supposed to be moral. If God is in me I have never experienced him in that way, by a means of any type of communication. What freedom it is to know this! And I can say this of myself personally simply because my voices are bad. I’m not into cosmicism either, it just doesn’t sit right with me.

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I’ve read a few of his novels and I enjoyed them but, I agree, they come across as imaginations of a slightly paranoid 70s drug freak

PKD never said anything about living in a computer simulation. He died before the household computer was even a staple.

He was a spiritual rocket scientist and talented writer.

He wrote pulp science fiction so he could pay the rent, but he infused it with his own ideas on technology and free will.


A lot of his books were made into movies. Impressive not everyone can do that. I stand by I didn’t know him personally but he was a creative outlandish thinker I dunno if he was sick tho. He seemed to function alright inspired and didn’t hurt too many others in his every day life I don’t think he was sick

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He said those exact words, it’s on the internet, a speech he gave if you want to watch it, it is about 40 minutes long and he said those words “we are living in a computer simulation”, near the end.

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It’s a graduation speech but even Elon musk and Neil degrasse Tyson and many other diverse people say the same thing.

He was a sick sick man. I’ve heard about his life.

It’s not the point I was making. I think this is a computer simulation. I just don’t believe in worse versions, unless I’m dead in them. I was just saying I can’t believe in any communication with the Devine.

Well I’ve read a handful of his books and seen a couple documentaries on him, but I’ve never heard of this speech.

I’m not calling you a liar, but labelling him sick because you disagree with the way he lived his life is kinda screwball.

I don’t want to get into religion on here, but who said god was supposed to be moral?

I live in a dark and reasonless world. When a revelation like this hits me I get excited. No communication with the Devine, not me anyways.

Don’t call me screwball! He died in his early fifties from amphetamine abuse.

Quantum physics backs up the many worlds theory. I don’t fully understand it but it definitely intrigues me. I dunno why this world. My friend said my past could’ve been changed by the programmer without me knowing it. It’s crazy existence and why are we here and I dunno. It always can be worse always can be better. Terence McKenna said the universe is far weirder than we think. Another interesting figure in 20th century history

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It couldn’t be worse for me. I’d be dead. I’ve tried several times already.

Whoa, I was just saying your ideas about PKD are kinda weird.

I didn’t mean to attack your character in anyway, and I apologize if I came across that way.

This is the net, what I’m trying to say is we could be the best of friends in person.

Who said god is moral? That’s a stupid question. Everyone.

Terrence talked about how we can communicate images across speech on psychedelics. I think we do that normally and that’s where a lot of telepathy delusions come in. What if the reason we think people are telepathic is that language communicates more than just the definition of a word to people? What if a word can directly transmit an idea?

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No, not everyone. The western interpretation of god is that he is moral, but god murders children in the bible. Isn’t murdering children wrong?

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See, when you look at reality and judge this thing as good and this thing as bad, this thing as moral and that thing as immoral, you don’t realize that the good gives rise to the bad and the bad gives rise to the good. One can’t exist without the other. The existence of good defines its opposite.

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