Phil just threw a plate of food in my face!

And he came after Deoge. He says I just make messes well it’s a paper plate. Then he unplug t.v. and radio to withhold me.

I thought he was going to hit both of us Deoge and me.


I’m sorry you have to pass through it. You don’t deserve this kind of treatment.


Thanks. His eviction notice starts tommow.


This is the best thing I’ve heard all day (his eviction notice)! Seriously, you deserve so much better. No one should ever treat you like that.


I’m so sorry daze. You do deserve better.


I’m sorry, Daze. Possibly he has no clue why his behavior is so awful, but that doesn’t excuse it


My mom says Yuck! What mom? I couldn’t avoid it.

Throwing things isn’t good especially at you. It really is assault and it’s not a healthy thing in relationships. You know your stuff better than me but I’m sure that getting away from that sort of thing should be a priority.


Please tell me Deoge means dog.


Going to lie down. Take my dirty clothes off. Sometimes I wish you wouldn’t jest

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jester ?

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How are you doing today, @daze?

Are you ok @Daze?
Please stay safe.

Hugs @Daze. I hope you’re goin through with the eviction notice. You deserve better.

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This guy is clearly way out of line. You deserve so much better treatment than that. One thing, be careful what you do and say, because what you say could be used against you, even though the authorities are viewing it out of context. For instance, if this guy said you were trying to break his balls, and you said something like, “You don’t deserve any balls. If you come after me I will cut your balls off.” Everyone knows that such a statement wasn’t meant to be taken literally, but it still might not play well with the authorities. Take the high road in this conflict. Be careful what you do and say.

you’re right. When he was verbally abusing me, I punched him in the arm,
then he pulled my hair, and I was struggling to get away and I fell and broke my leg.

This is the first time I have ever hit anyone, I would never harm anyone,
but he pushed me too far.

My parents and I worked on this eviction notice paperwork this morning,
but I couldn’t get a deputy on hand to come serve Phil the notice.

I might have to wait til tomorrow, or maybe even Monday,
but yeah, I am doing it. thanks you guys.


This is a huge step for you. I’m really proud of you for taking this step


Best wishes Daze. Please let us know how you are in a day or two.



Good for you, evicting him. He’s a loser and you deserve better. Any abusive person is a loser!