Phil has growing nodules in his lungs

it’s not far enough yet to do a biopsy for cancer

no meds, no nothing,

just strongly advocate to quit smoking and get out of his work environment,

don’t think that’s gonna happen.

Shout out to all you good people,

what are the natural remedies.

And we don’t have medical marijuana here in Iowa.


I hear Oregano is good.

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Wishing that they can help him.

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also been hearing medicinal mushrooms.

how do you get that?

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Tell Phil to cut out all forms of sugar and carbs. I’m not saying it’s a cure.


it’s very little, @Loke, I want him to keep smoking cannibas. I hear that kills cancer cells if they’re there. He only does one puff on occasion.

If he was already smoking cannabis when these pesky nodules appeared, it’s highly unlikely cannabis can help against them… just my two cents.

And quitting tobacco/nicotine is hard. I know cause I’m a smoker. But if he wants to avoid the worst he should make an effort.


I’m sorry to hear about Phil.
Try to encourage him to quit all smoking.


Sending positive energy to you and Phil. Hopefully those nodules don’t morph into something bad. Take care Daze.


Why dont you quit smoking daze? Tell him he has to too. Make it a nonsmoking house.:grin::hugs::hugs::hugs:


There’s a treatment called the Budwig protocol that can dissolve tumors. It’s pretty cheap, and it seems to work.

This woman supposedly put Stage 4 bone cancer in remission with it:

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I have nodules in my lungs too. I have to go back in a year to see if they’ve grown. Yeah he needs to quit smoking. I quit completely now after they found them cigs and ecigs.

I hope he gets through it.


I hope he gets well @Daze I have to quit someway

Sounds like a great idea @anon12381882!!

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I’ve read that ginger can cure cancer.

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I saw a documentary on Netflix about the keto diet. A woman got rid of her cancer by eliminating sugar and carbs. I’m not a dr though.

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he think he gonna cut it down with asparagus, he’s been steaming it.

It’s okay for me, but I need sauce on it, you know?


Asparagus, minced garlic and some olive oil makes a tasty combo


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