Phenibut + Piracetam

I took 500mg of Phenibut and 800mg of Piracetam this morning and I got so much done today. I drove my brother to his chess teacher, then drove him to get his birthday gift. Then I helped my dad plant new grass in the backyard.

The beautiful thing is that Piracetam cancels out the Phenibut tolerance so it’s a kick-ass combo. Definitely recommend this to all the nootropic heads out here.


I recommend the book Build Up your Chess, by Arthur Yusupov to your brother.
( you can download it online for free).
Tell him that solving chess puzzles is the best way to improve .

I love you @DNA , I love you brother, may you feel well and meet your goals in life :heart:


Phenibut is a terrible medications, an CNS depressant.

Thanks @Chess24 I love you too mate, why do you say that Phenibut is terrible?

Be careful not to abuse Piracetam. I did that over a period of months and gradually developed schizophrenic symptoms due to that. The emotional highs and the “get up and go” nature of it were addicting, but I overdid it.

It upregulates NMDA receptor density, so it does have lasting effects on you that may not be desirable.


Phenibut can have benzo like withdrawal if used a lot I think


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