Phencyclidine (PCP) induced negative symptoms


I have suffered from negative symptoms for more than 10years. NS started when I caught phencyclidine (PCP)overdose. Is someone here with the similar situation?

I am wondering if sarcosine can be helpful here.

PCP - NMDA receptor antagonist

What did you take PCP for? What is it supposed to treat?

I’ve had negative symptoms for the past 3 years but it’s not substance-related.

I was using PCP recreationally

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Ok I get it :slight_smile:
The biological cause of negative symptoms is still poorly understood. PCP-induced symptoms can prove reversible in time (at least in animal models), whereas “real” negative symptoms that occur due to schizophrenia in humans are not treatable at this point in time.

Lets hope from min 101.??

Is it better than ITI-007. I’m taking Vraylar right now.

Gentlemen, could you clarify what you have written. I didn’t get

No need of clarification. I have searched.
Unfortunately they are not available in Russia, where I am from

PCp causes lesions to form on the brain and the chemical leeches out into the cerebrospinal fluid for many years afterwards. There’s no telling how long it could take to go away

Do you think it is possible after single taking?

Lesions Olney it is called

From some community about the similar problem:

The key is agonizing/antagonizing the specific receptors in just the right amounts, and using supplements & drugs to help rebuild neuronal connections and cells. Amino acids are very effective at helping the brain repair itself, if you give your brain the proper nutrients and building blocks (as amino acids are the building blocks of protein), it will directly manufacture the hormones and neurotransmitters from those.

I don’t know. I took bad acid and had negative symptoms for a few years afterwards.
It went away though, it was mood related I think