Phasing out mental illness

hi everybody, someone told me that the governments and people around the world are trying to phase out mental illness, what do you think?

What do you mean by phase out. Like cover up. or eliminate us like nazis

why would they want to eliminate people with mental health problems? if they did that they would probably have to eliminate themselves at some point or their sons and daughters or mothers fathers and friends and i don’t think anyone would want to do that, every last person on this planet is effected by mental illness at some point in their lives so i don’t see that happening.

covering up mental illness is already happening with the use of medications, altho they are very effective in most cases they still don’t eliminate the problems, they just mask them or cover them up and treat the symptoms which is good but it doesn’t deal with the problem completely.

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Bit confused… I don’t see the use of medications as covering up. I sort of think that little by little people are trying to find answers. Right now all my doc can do is treat the symptoms since no one can agree on the very pin point of this illness.

Remember… how do you eat the largest cake in the world? one bite at a time. You have to start somewhere, and the symptoms are just as good a place to start as any.


well i wouldn’t say that medication actually treats our problems i would say that it controls the symptoms of our problems by subduing that part of our minds that causes us problems but it still doesn’t begin to treat the underlying problem from the root, that is if you are talking about it from a psychological point of view and believe in cause and affect then you can maybe get to the root of it (maybe)

the thing is that there are so many layers to this mental illness that you could be pealing it back like a never ending onion of despair that has been buried so far into our unconscious minds that trying to tease it out of our subconscious would be like a miracle in order to peal it in the first place :frowning: sorry if i am being depressing.

i am not saying medication is a bad thing bc it has helped me and others on here so much but when it comes to trying to get to the root of our disease (which many say is genetic) it is like banging your head off a brick wall and i guess thats why we are told there is no hope we will ever be cured bc they can’t get to the root of our problems to straighten out our entire head circus as you say.


**Hey Daydreamer~
There is always hope. Someone will find the underlying cause ( I should say causes… ). There is so much going on now in this field. One billion dollars has been granted to research-per the President.
The main thing is: everything in this world has to resolve itself-truth! **

There’s no cover up. There’s a lot about the human mind that doctors/scientists simply do not know; that’s why there is no cure, merely medication to lessen some of the symptoms. And that’s also why the medication is often not great - what works okay for one person doesn’t work for the next…what makes one person drowsy might make another stay awake. It’s still a trial-and-error thing, for the large part.

If anything, mental illness is often over-diagnosed and over-treated. If you read the DSM, pretty much everyone fits into some category or another. Secondly, almost everyone I know has experience with anxiety and depression, some have had psychotic symptoms (short lasting) after using drugs…even if they tried to cover it up, the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t let them, for a start and secondly, they wouldn’t want to…why would they want to create a society where people weren’t getting the help they needed for mental illness?

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