Ph.D.... those three letters do not guarantee anything

Continuing the discussion from Schizophrenic Skits:
From Caroline C"It made me sad that the teacher set this up where the students would laugh at the “schizophrenics.” If she had done something truly educational, the students wouldn’t have been lauging at them. And this teacher has a Ph.D. in psychololgy. They let people graduate being so ignorant."

Ph.D’s bother me as well. I would love too meet a kind one. Maybe someday I will. They don’t want a discussion on how to actually help. They want to pontificate their superior knowledge.
One of my hospitalizations when I was 20 there was a Ph.D expert who crossed our path.

A few of my family and my 9 year old sister were in the room with this “EXPERT” and he laid into my sis about “expressed emotion” and her lack of knowledge and how her actions will trigger me and land me in hospital forever and ever.

It really scared the hell out of her to where she would actually tell people she was feeling neutral she had nothing to express. She would be afraid to say any opinion about anything because she was afraid to express emotion. It took a lot of child therapy for her to undo the gift of that Ph.D. expert.

The Ph.D. expert didn’t have the brains enough to realize not to lay into a little kid about a concept that even some adults don’t understand. Would a “lesser” educated person know better then to berate a 9 year old for her lack of knowledge and know better then to scare a child? I think so.

Just because the letter P.h. D is attached to someone… it doesn’t mean they are a good or caring person.


Yes, you are right, but there are also Ph.Ds who do care. In the early 1990s I had admirations to educate myself further after my M.Sci degree, but did not have resources, money, to do so and so I decided to read books I borrowed from the library of Emory University in Atlanta. I like people who have experienced the life and so have their own experiences rather than having just the book knowledge. There are all kinds of ‘experts’ in this world, some good and some bad. Cheers.


I think that there are many smart, responsible and constructive PhD scientists. My cousin is one of them. She does a lot of research and works on drugs that may cure or help out many people. I do not have a lot of faith in PhD clinical psychologists however. Many of them do not have any kind of emotional intelligence, they have book knowledge, but knowledge without compassion for others means nothing. Many of the psychologists I have come across, do not have a good sense of empathizing with their patients, but they do know how to “study” and observe their patients or clients. This makes for a very unhealthy and potentially harmful professional relationship


sounds lilke you met ‘‘ASS-HOLE’’ of all ‘‘ASS-HOLES’’----happens again,…give him some toilet paper and tell him to clean up his “mouth”


Emotional intelligence… that was the concept I was looking for… Thank you.

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Well I havent come across any bad doctors in my experiences. Mine have all been pretty good, the shrink I see now is outstanding. But yeah, I can imagine some PhD’s just not being cut out for a therapist role. They should teach and do research in my opinion, or be a corporate or government shrink.

Being a healer is not the same as being an expert. They’re two different roles, it’s nice to see someone be both but don’t count that being the case with every therapist.

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