PF-04958242 Phase 2

PF-04958242 Phase 2 trials are starting, for those who are interested there are 31 locations around the USA.

PF-04958242 is a drug being developed by Pfizer for the treatment of cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia. It functions as an AMPA receptor modulator, meaning it regulates glutamate activity via its action on AMPA receptors. Those with schizophrenia are thought to display abnormal glutamatergic activity, specifically hyperexcitability of glutamate.

Edit: Recruiting soon not just now my bad.

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im abt to talk to pdoc abt trying out clinical trials he might mention this…

Where are the locations?

If you click the link you can scroll down to where it says “show 31 study locations” and click on it then it will come up

Great news! I would love to be an american and apply for it.

No locations in minnesota it looks like. I’ll talk to my pdoc and see what he has to say…

I think my official dx is sza so that might exclude me from eligibility. Shame I would have liked to participate.

I’m in Minnesota too!!! :relaxed:

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