Pets say hello!


My three legged husky back in the summer. His name is Tek.


Our husky mixed with we dont know what. His name is boomer.


He’s literally so ugly that he’s just adorable!


This little dog is soooooo cute!


Puddy and Charlie


Bella the pug chilling out on the bed.


I’m so distraught but love your pics people.

My little girl is no more and I miss her dearly. Just those little moments like now when I am on the computer and it’s after second dinner and she wanted to touch base and say hi! When I came home and I looked for the cat to say hi and she’d always be there…

Love all your work. Enjoy your pets and although it’s hard to let them go it’s so good to have them in your life if your mentally ill! My Charlie gave me 18 years of joy and it was the best thing I ever did to get her…Just don’t tell my ex wife! :slight_smile:


Bella with her favorite toys. A cardboard box, a squishy ball and a squeaky mouse.


Tink Tink sleeping in a box

edit: Yes, I know our house is full of boxes. It’s really because we’re all too lazy to recycle them, but we pretend we leave them fot Tink Tink…


Professor Beau


He’s so cute with those glasses on!! :smile:


My brother’s dog Chloe relaxing on my bed


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