Pete's Approval

I dreamed about my old friend from AA;
'bout how unfair it is he shut me out,
and he is why I stay away from drink.

Just once will he not tell me I’m okay;
that what I’m doing’s great, and by the way,
let’s get together and raise some racket soon?

But no, sobriety can’t hinge on him,
for if it does, I’m bound to fail and drink
myself to death and never jam with you.

For, writing this, I see I have a reason
to never drink, and that is poetry:
I do it for my newfound friends tonight.

My old friend Pete is past, and past is gone,
and foolish I would be to totally miss
the good friends here and now: so on with it!


I love your poems. You’re gifted with words. It’s clear in every post you make, not just the poems.

Sorry for Pete’s loss, but happy for our gain.

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How beautiful a speech, Dude. I doubt if Pete (real name Dave) is, er, um, dead. Rather, I just can’t get a response from him.

Thanks for welcoming me!

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Yeah, I figured he was just absentee - but you’re great, so it’s too bad for him if you’re not hanging out anymore.

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Thanks. I’ve had to readjust my attitude a great deal. I’m not the same person now I was back in Dave days. But I don’t have to prove that to the ghost of regret I carry around now.

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I always enjoy your writings. Pete has to find his own path too. " Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly". And another favorite of mine “you can’t give a quarter if you only have a dime”.

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Very nice of you. I hope you enjoy Emerson’s essay, “Nature,” esp. And you’re great for having such an open mind.

You’re good with words, Borath. Keep writing.

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That’s the kind of feedback I need. Comes at a propitious time, too. Thanks a lot. You look like a professional of some sort. I will keep writing, indeed.

Quite jealous of you @borath, you seem very educated. Or at least you read alot. Consider posting some of your poetry on Amazon.

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You got me definitely curious. I’ve done WordPress since Oct 2016, but gaining a following has been awfully slow. Yes, I’ve read a lot in my life, including having studied the painstaking Ulysses in college. BTW my new med is beginning to work at last.

How are you doing?

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