PETA and its twisted views on who should have pets

I just received an email from a friend with this quote from a PETA branch in our state

“The mentally ill have long abused and neglected pets for their own selfish reasons, using them as an excuse for bad behavior and filthy living conditions. For too long have the poor defenseless animals been subjected to mass breeding and hoarding by these despicable lazy people, most of whom are faking their illness to get special consideration. It is time the Maine State Legislator put a stop to this and mandates that NO mentally ill person shall be permitted to own an animal.”

I need to rant about this, but I am trying to keep my new blog free of political crap.

ONE: these people obviously have no clue about the kind of people who abuse animals.

TWO: PETA has no right to talk about mistreatment of animals when 95% of the animals they ‘save’ are put to sleep, and only 1% are adopted out, the rest just disappear from their records.

THREE: If they want my dogs? they can come get them but the blood that spills will be on their heads.

Wow, you are right.

I love my kitty and took him/her in off the streets to live in a nice home. He/she is quite happy here. I would never harm an animal, and I’m sure most people with MI would also.

I just went to the Maine PETA website and it says the most recent posting was ‘removed by author’

This person obviously knows nothing about those with mental illness. I wouldn’t worry about it if this person wasn’t in a position to be taken seriously. He’s obviously bigoted against the mentally ill.

I spoil my cat rotten. She has an easy life.

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Rationally i think they are talking about horders…but its peta and their dumb as fukk i wouldnt let this worry you peta is a joke whom shouldnt be taken seriously at all.

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PETA is ridiculous and shouldn’t be taken seriously. I can’t even begin to list all the awful things they’ve said and done.

Also a thing to be considered is all the mentally ill who keep animals for therapy purposes…their service dogs/cats etc may be greatly improving their life quality…my friends and I met a girl this semester who used to have social anxiety so severe she couldn’t talk to anyone and made no friends in college, but then she got a very social service puppy and was talking with us (strangers) freely at a bus stop. I would hate to see her puppy or anyone else’s companion, even if it’s not a service animal, taken away due to ignorant and harmful stigma…

PETA is great. It allows the severely cognitively challenged to pretend they have a purpose in life.


a friend of mine breeds German Shepherds for the police and military in GA, he had PETA people show up at his house and complain about training dogs to be violent…then a week later one of their members sued the GA state police because they didn’t release a dog when they were being held at gun point in gas station…they lost the lawsuit because the judge knew as well as the cops did that releasing the dog would have prompted the gunman to shoot…

Gotta love a good hypocrite…