Pesticides can ruin your nervous system

I found this interesting, it appears pesticide exposure and funk with your acetycholine levels, and possibly mess up your entire central nervous system, doesn’t say Sz, but I bet it’s possible

from living in the countryside as a child ,there are still traces of pesticides in my blood.
organic farming is the way to go.
take care

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I live in an agricultural area, pesticides are most likely in my drinking water from all of the farming

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I used to cut hair and do those stinky perms on thousands of little old ladies in the 13 and a half years I worked.
Always wondered if those chemicals being absorbed into my skin all those years played a part in getting Dx’d Sz?
Thinking back, I never had any problems that warranted a SZ label until after the 10 year mark at work.


I often wonder if the coctail of chemicals from hair color to pesticides, paint, paint thinners, fertilizers, common household cleaners, medications of all types, food additives, all that crap mixed together, it has to muck with our bodies

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We had to sanitize everything we used at the hair shop (naturally) and it was a very strong sanitizer called QUATS, that and we went through gallons of the cleaner “409” at the shop and home.
All those chemicals just can’t be good for anyone.

I just learned about Quats in my microbiology class. They are a good antiseptic for skin, surgical instruments, eating utensils and rubber stuff.

Being a walker, I notice all the exhaust fumes from trucks and cars. These have been familiar ‘smells’ all my life. They gotta do something to you.

If I remember correctly doesn’t the vehicle exhaust fumes replace oxygen with carbon monoxide? It starves your red blood cells then they rush to the surface of the skin making it a cherry red. People who die from car fumes look pretty scary.