Most of the time i am pessimistic. I wish i was more optimistic, i am never satisfied and always want more


Welcome to the human race


I’m don’t have faith in the human race.


I understand @Aziz

I also wish I were more optimistic, I really understand how you feel.

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I’m optimistic.

Or I just don’t care about things.

What comes, i accept it


I realy agree with you Aziz. It seems that I’m one of the lost ones too.

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I try to be positive,

try giving yourself nice things to do, look forward to the next drink or the next bit of sunshine or something you enjoy. (my advice)

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Why is that? Can we talk about it?

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How do you define pessimism and optimism?

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I always think I will never improve and that i will get worse

Ah I see
There is only worse experiences in your future from your perspective

You need either
A lover
A cause
A job

You need something or someone to help you feel alive again.


Think of it like a frown, you wouldn’t want your face to freeze that way. Pessimism is like a frown. If you let it stay you will get stuck that way. Sometimes it’s helpful to write out your way of thinking and read it back, you can see how others may pick apart the statement. I liked for a time to write out how I was feeling to process it.

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