Personalized TV/MUSIC

It seems like a common ‘symptom’ for these projections of ones thoughts through the tv and music yet is always dismissed as hallucination. The voices are numerous. Every channel at every hour specific. Brain disfunction? I find it strange how clear and vivid the personalized entertainment options are yet the common consensus is sickness. Clear endeavors into sonic frequency testing and prismatic solutions being sought ever more rapidly in modern technology yet psychology still leaps behind in awareness; working off of early 1900’s information for the most part. Is this discrepancy in technological capacity leaving a portion of the population in a situation of needless medication and diagnosis because of a paradigm shift to study the conscious on a wider spectrum. Is it foreign origin considering that technology is mostly produced internationally. Psychological warfare gone missed by the American government entities? Information extractions from intellectuals from international parties to maintain an edge in competitional value and innovation? I know most will agree that it is hallucination by virtue of conditioned response and request that I will take my medicine but I think these arguments reasonable to consider for the safety and progression of our nation not only from international exposure through electronics but internal capacity to manipulate. Animation and lip syncing software accompanied by Google voicing technology to imitate any voice at the push of a button including dialect differences certainly does exist with at least one public announcement as early as 2017. Pursuit of these technologies clearly sought after since the inception of telephony services. Microwave and laser technology with the capacity to understand communications by merely pointing the laser at a window pane and analyzing it with the right algorithm. What if that pane of glass was your television screen (; … These are technologies that already exist yet the physicians refuse to accept under any circumstance that they could be implemented within homes leading to the increasing rates of diagnosis for people as mentally ill. Preemptive local understanding to prepare for international capacity to abuse technology? My cognitive diminishment most painful by virtue that I could not serve as a better asset for my country. Take it for whatever it is to you, I needed to express this for my own stress relief. I love you all and may we all find success in an ever changing environment encompassed with competition and difference of opinions. :revolving_hearts:

Radiohead~ ‘Palo Alto’. (Song/Ep). ‘How I Made My Millions’. (And Such).

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