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Personality & Self Confidence


I’m going to be meditating on this for awhile tonight.


I hope it goes well. Let us know if you have any revelations


I’ve come to the conclusion that I haven’t changed. I’ve been the same person with only stacks being built on top. Like a pyramid. I’m alone in the world ever since I moved out of the city because people don’t get that life. And now that I’ve moved out for so long, I would have a hard time adjusting to the old life if I were to go back. So I’m stuck with either people who don’t know who I am, or don’t care to (even if that comes at the expense of fighting against me to prove some fixed belief they aren’t willing to let go of).

However, I’m going to do as I always have and let myself shine out. I’m letting myself take control and if someone doesn’t like it, then forget them. I’m hard core.


Yes, let yourself shine and be in control of yourself. It isn’t your problem if others can’t deal with that.


Yes exactly. It’s all about how you feel about yourself that makes it work.