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Personality disorder? Psychologists and psychiatrists are split as to whether it is a mental illness though more see it as being so than used to be the case.
It is perhaps the most subjective of diagnoses in what actually defines a “disordered personality” ? People may have difficulty with certain situations due to life experiences but does that make their personality disordered?
It becomes all too easy to attach such a label and use it to blame a person for things that have happened to them and for not responding in a “proper” way.
It also can reflect mental health professionals’ subjective biases to a patient. The therapeutic alliance breaks down and instead of seeking to find out why and what part he or she has played in that process the pdoc transfers all blame on the patient in the form of a personality disorder diagnosis.
Above all the illusion of intellectual and moral infallibility must be kept intact.

I am sure the government would like to label many of the disabled/poor/unemployed personality disordered for not responding well enough to the neoliberal way of doing and thinking .

The personality disorder diagnosis goes against good psychiatric practices which is not to judge but to help and support.
Above all don’t march a little differently to the beat of life’s drum or you too may be labelled personality disordered.

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The government is not interested in labeling people. Are you taking your meds?

Yes I am. Ramalama dingdong.

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I am so sick of that statement, it’s just simple and plain ignorance.

I’ve always found Firemonkey to post very informative mental health information. This seems to be more of an opinion than a posted news article, but I agree a good deal with what was said. Perhaps “society” should have been the word rather than “government” As society is very much interested in labeling people who don’t quite fit or manage to do well in what really is one of thousands of social models that just happened to become what we think of as society due mainly to it’s violently competetive imperialist, supremacist mindset.

“Above all don’t march a little differently to the beat of life’s drum or you too may be labelled” - Are you taking you’re meds?

Are we practicing thought policing on this website here?

It reminds me of when I was first ill and my mother use to counter a difference of opinion on my part with “Are you taking your pills?” often followed by " I think you are getting ill again ".

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I wouldn’t worry too much about the 4-year-old of the forum. If you’re not taking or doing whatever he is, you’re no good.


I thought I was the 4 year old of this forum!