Personality disorder consensus statement survey (UK)

This is a survey to find out what service users who identify with the issues and difficulties associated with the diagnosis of personality disorder want in terms of improvements to service provision. The data collected will be used to form a ‘consensus statement’.

A ‘consensus statement’ is a document which is written by a group of individuals who work with or are affected by a particular issue and are thus united by a common goal. It’s primary use is to lobby for changes in government policy or to push for funding changes or investment.

This particular ‘consensus statement’ is being compiled by a wide ranging set of individuals from across the field of personality disorder and will be used by Norman Lamb MP who has a special interest in this area to use in parliament to help him drive changes to Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice policy to increase the provision of helpful services for those affected by personality disorder.

Just in case there a few here who also are dxed with personality disorders.

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