Personality and how you carry yourself>anything

Yesterday at Barnes n noble I bought three books. Surviving schizophrenia , mood cure and being sober. I go to the register, there was this GORGEOUS girl, like I can’t tell you how pretty she was…and friendly too…well in normal situations in not sure she would acknowledge me. But she was forced to talk to me. For 4-5 minutes because I bought a membership. I was very smooth and by the end of the convo I could tell she really digged me. I was like “whoahhhh cool” when she gave me my membership card, and she got all giddy and excited for me. Despite the books I bought probably making me seem undesirable, I think she wanted me to ask her out. I didn’t though because I can’t deal with that kind of rejection, but I really got her going.

I don’t consider myself the most attractive person on earth, but this cute Italian girl was forced to talk to me and ended up digging me I could just tell. I carried myself very confidently and that was the key to it all. And I did t seem anxious or intimidated by her. Taking half a klonopin right before didn’t hurt, but I was proud of myself and really feel I’m coming of age lately after struggling with that for so long.


this made me happy reading! :blush:
don’t be so shy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No kidding… fire away

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