Personal Story of a Scientist-How I came back to life after three year of struggle

In brief I am discussing history and background
I am 40 year single man (married but broken from my wife, though not divorced). I had completed my school, college and higher education decades back. I had my PhD in Life science in 2005 from Kolkata, India. Then I moved to united kingdom in 2006 for post doc job. I was doing well in research and published 15 papers in reputed international journal and had two patents (human skin pigmentation).

I had my first symptom in UK in June 2011 with lot of unusual thought and was hospitalised for 24 days. Doctor said that it is delusional disorder ( will discuss about it later on). I was ok after that I again continued my work till may 2012. I decided to return back to my native place India in may 2012 due to personal reason, not going well with wife.

In India I got teaching job in school in Pune, western India and was doing well but was not taking any medicine after return from UK. So my symptom relapsed again in dec 2012 and was again hospitalised for 14 days in Pune India. Doctor said I had paranoid schizophrenia. I was jobless from March 2013 to Jan 2015.

Finally I decided to do something by my own for my life, livelihood and happiness. I own a shop and completed its interior within two months. I invested almost all of my earned money in this project. Its a gift shop and it is running well now. I am feeling happy and doing hard work by my own, like purchasing, selling, accounting and keeping the shop clean. I keep toys, antique items, gift for marriages, birthday, anniversary. customer’s are happy with my behaviour and with my gentle nature. No one could guess that I am having paranoid sz.

Only sad side of my story is that my wife don’t allow me to see the kids after returning from UK in 2012. Even I also don’t want to live with her as she is very short tempered and quarrelling in nature. It contributed a lot in developing sz due to stressful 12 year life with her. She live with her parents and working in a school. I want to see my both kids on regular basis, but she don’t allow me to see them. whenever I go she start shouting at me at her gate. I had to return without saying single word. My daughter 13 years old now and son is 9 years old now. My wife and kids also live in the same town where I live.My parents, brother and his family are very supportive to me. I had also good friend circle.
I will discuss about bizarre thought of sz in future. on first episode in June 2011(UK) it lasted for one and half month. and again in dec 2012 (india), it lasted for one month. Apart from this I am perfectly ok person and never experiences sz symptom like unusal belief, hallucination, sounds etc in between.

I would like to interact with sz people all around the world so that we can share our experiences and to know how good people we are. we are not the person as people tag us and think about us.

We are as normal as others and have every rite to live our life with dignity. we can keep us under control by taking medicine at regular basis. P Doctor has reduced my drug to minimal levels after seeing my positive progress. Initially I was on Olanzapine for one year in UK. In India I was on Risdon plus for two year. Last six month (nov 2014-April 2015) doctor suggested me to stop Risdon and gave me only Disval ER500 twice a day. And since last one month May 20015 I am only on DivaOD250 twice a day.
I am perfectly ok and running my gift shop very well. I don’t regret about my personal decision of not going back to research lab and teaching job. My small gift shop is giving me all satisfaction that I want. Here I am the boss of my job.

Please reply to my post and share your experiences with me, if you don’t mind.
Dr. sidgift.
(18th May 2015)


Nice news,so that your not on any antipaychotic anymore?

I work for my parent and had suffer from mental health related problem since 2009 January.Now I still don’t get any life satisfaction even though I had work and work for my parent.Its six years of schizophrenia,to be honest I am seldom happy because of this illness

I want to ask how do I get over it?i am never married and I am 25 this year

I think that it may seem like the disturbances from your relationship with your wife caused schizophrenia, that is unlikely in adulthood, at least I think, I’m not totally sure. Because the illness just takes it’s our course, and there is little to attribute to the reason. I do believe however that trauma, violence, drugs, drinking, lack of sleep, overworking CAN cause some positive symptoms of schizophrenia, because these things have happened to me.

It is nice to hear your story. I hope you will continue to be successful.

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I had paranoia in High School and it got worse when I lost my job in college. It became debilitating, but I continued in college for about a year or more. I have been back at a different college for two semesters. Now I am returning to my original school.

I’ll be moving to a city. It will be hard, because that’s where my Sz was the most severe. My brothers live there and I’ve been okay on visits, so I hope all will go well.

I like working retail too. It gives me a chance to stay out of my head, which is important.

I developed schizoaffective disorder in 2009-2010. At first I just heard whispering my name. Then two of the voices developed personalities then later a third. I also see little monsters that I call gremlins. I’m sorry you are separated from your wife. It must be hard to be away from your children. I have no kids.

I’m glad everything worked out for you in the end! :blush: It sounds like you’ve had a fulfilling life, despite the sz!

Hi Sid!
Great to read about you :)… Could you share which city are you from? I am searching for a good doctor!

Wow, I respect your ability to keep things going well even in the struggle of this illness. Your idea of people who have schizophrenia being good people the different perspective is refreshing. Not because I and others are bad for having this illness, it’s just that I really hate and dislike myself because of my thinking (voices)

even i got voices for some time but it stopped see i think you worked very hard on your research cuase even i was a mathematician and i ahd the same problems i would advise you meet an ayurvedic parctioner i can recommend someone i am working on it even i hardly have any positive symptoms

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