Personal Psychosis Stories - Video from Rethink org


A short film shown at the National Psychosis Summit 2014 on the 10th April 2014. For more information, please visit

No, just no.

When they start telling you who will win the superbowl twice, telling you where things are when you don’t know, making jokes using the time when you don’t know what time it is, shocking you while appearing, burning you while appearing.

Telling you you are schizophrenic in third grade before you’ve even heard of it.

And when the psychos are in your mind threatening to harm you if you tell anyone about them, yeah then you know.

Not to mention the alien, and the ufo, and a satyr, and light beings, and shadow people, and very large serpent made of light, and what looks like ghosts, and other stuff.

I will never admit im sick, because im not, more like being murdered, not exactly a disease though.

They even showed up right around the time i was sleep walking turning on all of the lights repeating “they are coming. they are coming.” in a dream, they came as a wolf and devoured my feet for some reason, others maybe able to tell you about the wolf, owl, and deer that show up during certain crazy events.

Barbitol, give me an od of barbitol, why does that woman on youtube get it but i do not?

Do these people have no idea at all what happened to them? If it’s the same thing that happened to me then these people are not sick at all.