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One thing I’ve noticed about Facebook,Twitter, this forum and other forums etc; If I start a thread about me the chances of it not getting much of a response are very high.

Did you just say something?

(Keeding!) :wink:

I think sometimes it’s hard to find something that feels worth replying, especially if the person can’t really relate to the original post.

I tend to only reply when I either feel I have something worthwhile to add to the conversation, or I’m in the mood for shitposting.
You threads don’t invite shitposts, and I often can’t relate enough to feel I have anything to offer.

I think it’s possibly down to a couple of factors: I’m respected more than I’m actually liked; I lack the natural talent some have to make threads that people want to reply to.

I comment on your research articles posts also sometimes to food posts. I havent seen other types of threads so idk.

“sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks” i have the same thing with things i’d like to say… sometimes there just isn’t enough words in my mind and then i don’t know what to say…

I may have missed those posts. But really, if the post is about autism I can’t really reply because I have no experience with that. But I’ll try to notice your posts and reply when I can

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I made a personal post on here, and on Twitter , and last time I looked it had been totally ignored

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which post was it? Maybe you need to bump it again so people can see that it’s there

I’m trying to remember your posting style, and I can think of three possible factors.

  1. Your threads are rather long. I don’t mind, because they’re coherent and well formatted. However, a lot of users have cognitive issues preventing them from reading long posts.

  2. Your posts seem like statements. What I mean is, I’ve noticed the threads that get a lot of replies usually have at least one open question. The threads with open questions talk TO you, not AT you.

  3. People can’t relate.
    Your more personal posts are usually regarding dyspraxia or struggles with asd.
    While there are a lot of users here on the spectrum, most here have schizophrenia which poses different struggles.
    I suspect I’m on the spectrum, and I’m a little dyspraxic in some areas, but it impacts me differently than you and I can’t relate.


I actually find your personal posts more interesting than news reposts. :slight_smile:

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I don’t think people ignore your posts @firemonkey

A lot of the time I do look through the ones here without a response

Sometimes it has a lot to do with time zones and who’s around

If I’d seen your original post, I would have read and replied if relevant

Can you post a link to it so I can read?


Yea I dont answer those as I dont have autism.

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@pixel Thanks. I think you might be an exception to a general rule though.

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this topic gets a lot of responses though right?


If you complain about the weather or your childhood it’ll do well on this forum.


That’s been a general theme running through my entire life.

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  1. I purposely try to use small blocks of text to account for those cognitive issues.

  2. There’s some validity to that, but adding an open question hasn’t made a great deal of difference in my case.

  3. I often post about the social difficulties I have, and to a lesser extent cognitive ones. Those are neither exclusively ASD or exclusively schizophrenia related.


That often happens. It’s a way of dismissing what you’ve said. However it doesn’t result in an increased response to such personal posts in the future.

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yea that is true for sure…