Personal meaning of recovery among persons with schizophrenia


The results indicate factors that patients deem important for their recovery are, absence of symptoms, regaining functioning, being able to work, having adequate emotional stability and not being on medicines. "

These results are not frankly and are not enough to achieve the cure Even if they really occur mainly !
because,ignore the existence of hallucination entities and its impact on each self-mental process,self-thoughts , feelings and every decision making by the person ,makes achieving all the above factors a mission impossible !
whereas the hallucination is not a symptom of the sz condition, but it is the body structure of the condition itself And the functional cause who is induces /creates all symptoms of the sz condition,and there is no medication or cure from it along the lifetime !

in the other side
Not being on medication.
this is the only active recovery factor ,but how does the person reaches to the point of not being on medication ?

Being off meds with no positive symptoms doesn’t mean cured. For me cured means no negative and no cognitive symptoms too with functioning level similar to before prodromal sz. I stopped meds for 2yrs and was not even close to my presz functioning lvl.

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I have settled for not being crippled my medications. I’m on them for life.

For me ‘recovery’ would mean functioning at or near the near the level of a non mentally ill person with the same level of intelligence, and combination of cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

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My ideal of true recovery is:
no symptoms
minimal side effects of drugs
working for more than minimum wage
married or seriously involved
Not dependent on family or the government
(I don’t fit that and I doubt many of you do)


If I had to choose between chronic back pain or my Sz I would choose to have the Sz. Lots of people have all sorts of disabilities and chronic pain, we’re not alone in that.

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Persons with mental illness has their own criteria of recovery, which could be very distinct from the clinical definition.

Well my criteria is to live a life not crippled by stress and anxiety - mixed up by our own friend dear psychosis…

My employment specialist has just reluctantly referred me to the financial advisor, so I can see what’s best for me in the medium term for sick pay or benefits…

Once we get to the bottom of it, I will hopefully be able to cut all the ties that screw me over, and try and start again

Long term I’d like to be self-employed again but in data not landscaping


Here if you’re disabled and start your own business (self-employed) you can get a benefit for 5 years to encourage you to do so. Maybe there exists a similar benefit in the UK?!

They have Universal Credit which has received a lot of criticism but it seems to be supportive of this end. I am hoping to try it out again as they helped me a couple of years ago

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How can you do what you want in order to enjoy the pleasures of life ,while you are under the effect of a chemical drug that works to inhibit the centers of feelings and the receptors of the thoughts,and you call this an eternally useful treatment for the schizophrenia condition !?

Closing the wells of thoughts
Silencing feelings
Clotting the emotion being
Sliding feelings in an icy arena

How do you do what to do in your life,while you under the constant presence of the schizophrenic factor ( spoken hallucination) that does not react chemically with all the elements of Mendeleev,does not dissolve in a chemical compound,does not self-dissolve,does not evaporate,does not affected by all types of electromagnatic waves,atomic radiations,or go where it came from, even its effect never disrupted during the period of wakefulness or takes a rest during the summer vacations or official holidays !!

so that ,the cure from the schizophrenia is means not being with schizophrenic factor or medication !!
Simply,a person without Sz factor or medication is the final cure -nothing else

I traded good physical health for good mental health. Recovery would be both good physical and mental health.

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The core of effect
It is a delusional ,malicious sudden modification in the connotation concept of the self-idea whose subject has been mentally processes in the current time

what is the chemical treatment for this disorder ?

AbAt. Hope your doing well. You’ve been here as long as I have hey. Since around 2014

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Of course LevelJ1,I enjoy writing to some who have an opinion of Uncertainty about who knows /does not know the essential nature of the condition be called sz,the creation cause /the effective cause ,the mechanism of effect and distinction of its inner existential features about the symptoms outputs of all human phenomena in form or object

most of them mistakenly believe that ,one of the form of sz is the occurrence of its symptoms without need to the actual creation cause /active factor ( the things be called hallucination

They imagine that,the creation cause (hallucination) is just the patient’s delusions and not an actual reality in any meaning /concept !!

they mixing the original outputs of the actual sz condition with anther approach in its appearance ,when the human being is exposed to the impact of difficult conditions of modern life,like financial,economic,occupational,environmental,cultural,educational factors,which leads to the poverty ,which in turns leads to all types of personal crises /problems that the person will suffers from them as long as he is alive !