Person in psych ward copying me

I feel like he’s been hired to make me more insane and scare me.

He spoke of how maybe he’s in hell. And he tried to kill himself in a similar way I have in the past. He also was saying he has no coping skills while crying and laughing.

Has anyone here believed for a short period of time that they did indeed die and were in some sort of hell?

This is not the case. Just because he has had similar symptoms/experiences doesn’t mean he has been hired to make you more insane and scare you. It’s just someone with similar symptoms. Not unheard of.


Hey @word you get all sorts in those places.

If this guy is bothering you, try and avoid him

Once when I was in a ward I literally stayed in my room the whole time as I found the other patients triggering.

Up to you.

If you think it’s harassment, I’d speak to someone about it


Yes I thought I died and was in some sort of hell so I don’t think he’s copying you. This was for a short period of time. I even thought the workers in the psych ward were demons.

I don’t think I’m sz though.

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I mimicked one of the male nurses in the psych ward after they let me in gen.pop. I was there for about 2 minutes before they put me back in isolation. lol.

I don’t even know why I did it. I guess I had lost my mind. It was during the first time I was hospitalized.

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