Person in my head

Hi, you guys can call me T for right now. Im female, 13 years old. So I like have this person in my head which I want to talk to you guys about. They don’t have a name and i don’t know there gender because they’re like refusing to say anything to me right now. They only come and talk to me to say mean things about people or when i’m trying to sleep. I can’t sleep unless i’m on my back because they come out of my mind and secretly watch me when i’m not facing them. They are like a shadow with big white eyes. They try to put there hands on me and its really creepy. They say rude things about people and think horrible things. They share there thoughts with me because they’re in my thoughts and I have to tell them to stop and I yell at them. I think this person is jealous of me and they want to come out of my thoughts and become a real person. I think they’re waiting to become strong enough and take over or kill me. Everyday when i’m in the bed at night they get bigger and i feel them on top of me. Its scary and i try to close my eyes for them to go away and sometimes they do. I told someone about it and they said it might be schizophrenia. I hope you guys don’t think i’m crazy but i swear this person in my head is real.


Did you talk to your parents about it?

Hi. Welcome to the forum. I’m sorry you’re going through this right now. It must be very scary. Have you told an adult about what you’re experiencing? A doctor can help you get the right treatment. Symptoms like this usually get worse until they’re treated. But the good news is, the earlier you get treatment, the better your prognosis is! Please tell someone. Preferably a doctor, and your parents.

What you’re experiencing is not real. There is no person in your head. But you’re not crazy. You’re experiencing symptoms of an illness. There are dozens of different illnesses that can cause these symptoms, and it’s very important you see a doctor, so they can figure out why this is happening and how to help you.

If you’re in the US, here is a list of early psychosis treatment centers. There might be one near you.

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i link this video from dr tracey marks youtube channel because it helped me get advice

Sorry about that, maybe talk to your pdoc about what is going on with you, and find the right medication, I go thru the same thing sometimes I just want to be left alone. I hear them in the background.

Hello T. Welcome to the forum. Like others have said, it is best to tell an adult what you are experiencing, preferably your parents, but if you can’t tell them tell an adult at school so they can help you explain things to your parents and so you can start to get treatment. A psychiatrist will listen to your symptoms and probably start you on meds. Your meds might change so they cab find the one that works the best for you. It will (possibly) be tempting to stop your meds. I debate with myself all the time about taking them, but many will tell you that it’s a bad idea to stop without the help of your psychiatrist. Anyway, this can get better and easier. Some people on the forum have been dealing with this for years, even decades, and they turned out okay. Just please tell an adult so you can stop this in its tracks. The longer you wait, the worse it may get until you break with reality. None of us want that for you. Good luck, and welcome again. I hope you find support and friendship here. :hugs:

T you’ve come to the right place, glad you found this forum. Things to do: tell an adult and then see a psychiatrist that has experience with schizophrenia (you have to look for it specifically, call around and ask if they have exp). Of course if you can’t find one with exp it’s still ok.

Also stay active here, read /post there’s a lot to learn

I would suggest talking with an trusted adult and talking with a doctor about, it’s good you have insight with psychosis already do use it to your advantage and get help. The faster you get help the better it is

Please talk to an adult. Someo e like a guidance counselor can help you and your parent(s) find the right help for you.

It is hard at any age to ask for help. It’s very brave of you to post here.

We can help by cheering you on. You just have to reach out and keep doing so until you get to a doctor and counselor. You can do it!

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don’t panic, mostly just advice and talk to professionals, so they know what you see and think

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