Perscribing antipsychotics for depression only?

Before I was diagnosed with SZ, a few pdoc’s perscribed antipsychotics for depression as my only diagnosis. Is this common? I had and still have only mild symptoms and back then I never said I heard anything. What would have tipped them off to needed antipsychotics. My biggest issue was not sleeping and moody.

A friend of mine got ap’s for depression and anxiety also, I found it weird tho… She did mention a few years ago a couple of things she was feeling but I don’t think is any kind of sz, maybe bipolar

I can’t understand antipsychotics being prescribed for depression as each one I have been on has caused me depression. Even years ago when I was only on 1mg of respiradal and even when I switched that to 100mg of seroquel.

I have heard of seroquel being used in mood disorders. Not sure if it can have antidepressants qualities of mood stability effects. Don’t think it is a first line med though.

I only had a dx of severe depression then. Can you be psychotic when depressed? It just makes me feel like I wasn’t acting normal. I don’t know. I’m on Saphris now but I think I need an anti depressant to add to that.

You dont necessarily have to hear things that arent real to be diagnosed with Psychosis NOS or especially schizophrenia. I think the magic number is meeting 2 of 5 categories of symptoms. Wait it might be three. My meds havent kicked in and I just woke up and feel like a dog turd. I will look it up in my books and reply later. But I am pretty sure its meeting 2-3 of 5 criteria. Diagnostic criteria, that is. And they may have given you this thing called a SCID (structured clinical interview for disorders or some shit) to diagnose you without you even having a clue…

I am a bit foggy and screwy in the head right now. I usually remember all of this crap but my brain is like a soggy potato right now. But I think I said enough valid information for you to get the big picture.

Dont worry about labels. Who gives a ■■■■ what they call it. Get treatment and seek professional help…and get better.