Perphenazine Part III

Just spoke to my nurse practitioner, I’m going up to 4mg three times a day, and then titrate up slowly from there.

Not a moment too soon, I can feel my brain leaking out of my ears :open_mouth:


So glad they’re increasing your dose. I’m still surprised you were able to get any benefit at all from such a low dose.

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Yeah me too, honestly

@LED maybe because I was still on Abilify at the time?

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@LED OH ■■■■ I just figured it out. They gave me a PRN olanzapine right before I got discharged!! I bet that was why everything calmed down at once

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And why it seems to be getting worse now

Perphenazine has two separate things of benefit to us that it does. On the one hand, one gets a short term antianxiety effect, and on the other hand, one gets a long term antipsychotic effect.

When I first started with Perphenazine, I was a drunk who puked a lot. But perphenazine stopped all that puking. Truly perphenazine is an antiemetic…

Throughout my life, some woman has been taking my blood pressure and approvingly saying, “You must work out.” Actually, perphenazine lowers blood pressure. It is an antihypertensive, that is.

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Thank-you! That’s a very insightful comment :slight_smile:

when I was admitted to the mental hospital hospital In 1994 they used either Clopixol or pherpenazine on most of theirs psychotic patients.

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I ended up making the switch to olanzapine

I used to take perphenazine didn’t do much for me

@rogueone old thread

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