People would rather experience electrick shock than be alone with their thoughts


Hundreds of participants were left in a room by themselves for several minutes with nothing to do but think. Rather than complete the task, many of them chose to administer electric shocks to themselves. As it turns out, most people prefer to do something rather than nothing, even if that something is negative, according to a study published in Science last week.

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What do you do to distract yourself?


I spend lots of time alone doing nothing. I got used to it. Solitude enhances creativity. I read somewhere that creative people have more alpha waves when they’re alone, and regular people have more alpha waves when they’re with people.


Interesting, thank you for sharing. I know I spend some time spacing out. I started out as an artist and I might continue my education as an artist.


I agree with this study; Erich Fromm, who was a great psychoanalyst, in his book Art of Loving said that people usually don´t want to remain with themselves or they can not remain with themselves because of they don´t feel comfortable with their thoughts so they will try to avoid this experience.


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I notice this when the electricity goes out at night. What do I do!!!


Light a candle******


I did. But it was too dark to do anything. When I go to bed at night I have to have a bit of light somewhere. Otherwise I’m faced with the chaos in the dark of my thoughts I can’t even know what they are.


I took a Foundations Class at my church. Part of my homework was 20 minutes of meditation each day. If any thoughts entered my mind during this time, I sent them down the river. I was supposed to continue the meditation when the class ended, but I sloughed off. Oops. While I was meditating, I didn’t get any special insights, but it was calming in a way.


**Hey Pob…A friend gave me a candle that actually had
a tiny lightbulb inside. Very pretty. It was down inside the candle so the whole thing had a glowing effect.
Really-I should get a few for when I lose power-we`re having pretty rough storms already.


I had one of those. It was made of real wax


i watch the bugs crawl out of the walls.
take care