People with thought broadcasting

Yes, years maybe :smiley:

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Yeah @EaglesFan8185 spill the beans

How do y’all read books and stuff online? Do you silently look at it or do you read it audibly inside or what ever? I can’t seem to get enjoyment out of staring at something and reading it, I have to feel the words to enjoy it

Which seems to cause issues to some people

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Do you prefer audiobooks then?
The advantage of reading is that you can go at your own pace, go back and reread or skip passages. If you can visualize things then reading becomes even more enjoyable. Putting some nice music in the background helps me too.

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I love to read I read alot through out the day.

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Does anyone know what thought broadcasting has to do with the ears? I’m constantly getting pressure or pull or push sensation in or around my ears. There is clicking noises and at times something snaps and I’ll get this nasty feeling all the way down my body on my right side.

Hey how do you know when your thoughts have stop broadcasting what are some signs

Your thoughts aren’t as loud. It’s all about behaving and thinking as you normally would.

You just get over the fear and worry powering the belief. You snap out of it. Things return to normal as it was before the thought broadcasting…

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Hey, I just had to make an account to say something about your post. You spoke about wanting to stay in your room forever or moving to the Himalayan mountains & I feel that I’m so many levels. Like, it’s really just killled me, and that whole hearing your mom saying your not her daughter anymore is weak cause I’ve heard my father say the same thing. It’s painful and makes you wonder if you were just a dirtbag all along. I mean the barrage of intrusive thoughts is insane plus them not telling you about it just sends you in circles. Especially when they tell you your just delusional & have skitzophrenia but then hear people react to your thoughts. You said you don’t believe it’s telepathy and I felt that was odd, but different theories for different people cause really there is millions of them. Yeah your not alone… at least you have somebody who you can feel comfortable with yknw.

I’m 22 had TB since I was 15. It’s just your sub vocalization of thoughts. That inner voice in your head had different levels and different frequencies we function on can make us talk to ourselves louder than it is.
Think in your voice with your mouth closed and your nose pinched and see what’s up.

Don’t spend years like me making myself ill just trying to figure out what tf people were hearing me. People leave you in the dark about the simplicity of it because it makes them feel more advanced in life. It takes on that evil sinister feeling because it’s pretty much the only thing that you’ve ever ran into in life that you’ve totally been clueless climbing the walls about.

It still ■■■■■ me up all the time. Sometimes I’m bitter sometimes I’m vulnerable but hey atleast I’m alive and know who I am.

Man just don’t lose yourself chasing something that doesn’t ever stop. It isn’t worth it. You aren’t ill but you will be if you indulge in looking for answers. Don’t stop for it and don’t let it run you doen the road. Go at your own pace in life.

Don’t burn bridges with people that actually care about you. If you gotta push some people away at times to get your ■■■■ together then do it. But be kind and assertive about it.

Life doesn’t have to suck experiencing it don’t sink in the mud and keep your values and your normal views on life. It’ll change your whole process of thinking and you’ll be edgy and just waiting for ■■■■■■ up ■■■■ to happen. Don’t let fear of what you don’t fully understand ruin your life and don’t look at it like it’s an evil thing. You’re bigger than it. Be you, ignore the evil cruel ■■■■ focus on real ■■■■. Message me any time bro



Finally somebody that understands it’s only the sub vocalizing of thoughts! But I feel you, I’m on the downward spiral of trying to figure it out that I’m truly burnt out. I’ve been masking it by sub vocalizing South Park videos instead of my thoughts & it’s been messing me up even more… opening up my frequency worse. Anyways thanks man.

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I’ve said that on here a few times and they delete it. I wonder what that means :thinking: . A nice environment away from electronics gives me time to reset and gather myself.

Just try to not be too sensitive to what others say and do. Seems like everytime I’m blissful and quiet some jackass wants to cut into my ■■■■.

I did some acid awhile back and made the mistake of talking loudly to myself about it and been trying to live that down for about 2 months.

Best thing to do is stay low and slow be patient with yourself and don’t grind your own gears. Unless you have a really tight group of friends and family you won’t have a very easy time with coming to terms with it. Don’t isolate yourself. I’m not saying this to sound superior this is what I say to myself pretty much everyday lol

Yeah no problem, you don’t sound superior, we really only have each other when it comes to this… i mean really it’s coming to terms with the fact that I may be screwed when it comes to this. I always ask if they hear their own voice in their head when they read or write & that’s the part that always gets me… I guess now I type & read that way, sub vocalizing the whole way & it just gets me down yknw, like no privacy or no hope you get me? lol I try not to let it bother me though.

For me it was not only other people’s voices that were replying to my thoughts, but also sounds, like I have a negative thought and then someone beeps their horn. Or whenever I have a surge of emotion there is always creeking of floorboards in the apartment above me. And whenever I had a positive thought there was clapping.

This also extends to when watching videos online too, I feel my thoughts and emotions are effecting the people on screen, and whatever they say it is somehow related to me.


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You described my symptoms to a T, bang on with the honking and creaking. When I was full-blown schizophrenic I felt like I was interacting with people in videos. Now that only happens with live content. I still have issues with live shows, only am watching videos that are at least a few hours old now.


I get this exactly. Also sometimes when I’m watching something and I’m having a train of thought I will look to what I’m watching to guide me and tell if what I’m thinking is right or wrong.

Same here man, that symptom alone can really mess you up.

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