People with schizophrenia

No such thing as a coincidence

The names themselves don’t mean the same thing but in your defence the only argument you can make is all the names for a person have the same ‘referent’ meaning they all refer to the same person so in that way they all mean the same thing.

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No just two of the names. Maybe if it were more then that’s perhaps why the very rare multiple personality disorder

So John Smith explain

I call it Euchronomy but it doesn’t just include schizophrenia with two names meaning the same thing. There are lots of ways of looking at it

I cant explain. All we can do is understand

Very sorry to hear that you’re a eunuch. It must be tough.

Yeah its tough pixie

Maybe if you tell us more about all the thoughts you have under this neologism of euchronomy we can understand your thinking better.

I was schizophrenic once too

Me too, I still am but the medication I’m on keeps me pretty normal.

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No it just warns others about you.

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The medication warns others about me?

Yes they can see your on it

Maybe. What does someone on meds look like?

Nobody has ever asked me if I’m taking medication, and I work in a rumor mill with a lot of rude a-holes.

Before making comments like this google the kabalarian philosophy

The Kabarians say you are an ■■■■■■■

You’re off your nut. Go see your doctor and get your head right so you’re not spamming the board with senseless, delusional rubbish.

Did I fall down a rabbit hole? :thinking: