People will change your life or take what you got and not even care

For real. You would think that I would have learned this in fourth grade like everybody else did. I guess I knew it already and I just forgot. But you’re never too old to learn. Or re-learn something you forgot. This is enough of my bull for now.

Hey, people, the chocolate I ordered off of arrived today! I haven’t eaten any yet, but it looks good. And I bought a new clock/radio/alarm a few days ago. I just figured out how to set it a few minutes ago. Today was OK, I had a meeting with the student intern today whose job is to find employment for clients. She doesn’t like me. When I told her I worked as janitor she barely stifled a laugh. But I got her back so don’t worry.

When I got home I thought of telling her, “Hey, if you can’t control yourself enough so you’re not laughing at your clients jobs, then maybe you’re in the wrong line of work”. I don’t like her too much after that incident. She’s cute as hell and wore a low-cut t-shirt in the meeting. Don’t worry, I looked but I didn’t stare. Maybe I should cut her some slack since she’s so cute, lol. But if she can’t act professional then she has problems. She’s probably a real nice person but we just didn’t hit it off.

But I’m looking for a new job. My 54 year old body can’t do the physical work that was a breeze when I was in my twenties and thirties. I got arthritis in my back so I need an easier job. But anyway, I came home from the clinic and rested and then went back out to the County Hospital to see a medical doctor. I am learning folks, every day is a learning experience. I figure I know enough to survive and I do the occasional fun thing when the opportunity arises. And isn’t that what life is all about?

Man, that chocolate is calling my name. Maybe I’ll get up and watch TV. My errands took me downtown. Big cities are interesting, there’s a lot to see.

                                                                  The End