People who wake up wanting to make someone unhappy

I doubt the majority of people bother to care enough about others to start problems. Most people are too busy and focussed on their personal relationships. The prevailing attitude is mostly indifference and apathy. I think most of us mske a few errors with people but we try to be good people, more or less.

How is it with people who Always try to start problems with people all the time? Who pick fights, start insults? Are they unhappy people on the inside who are taking it out on others bc they have issues they cant handle? Why do such people behave like that?

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I can only think of one truly toxic person I’ve know. In my life - and i believe it was related to alcohol.

I think alcohol can account for a lot of what your talking about actually…


Some people wear their political beliefs on their shoulders. They love to browbeat others with these beliefs. Freud would probably say they are sublimating. Without those political beliefs they’d feel naked. The best thing is to humor them when you have to, and avoid them as much as you can.


Wise words crimby.

Yah, alcohol. But when people don’t feel good they get grumpy.

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