People who disregard doctors

What is up with people who think that medicine is a scam and reject what doctors recommend. I’m not talking about just therapists and psychologists but peaditritions and oBGYN drs too. My in-laws are like this and it just seems that they only want to believe what they want to believe. Anyone got some insight to this. They’re well educated, but it seems that when a dr says something they don’t like they just reject it

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You’re using the term Doctor like its an all inclusive meaning and the meaning you’re associating to it seems to be that they must all be 100% right and without error?

Doctors are people and they are subject to their own personal opinions and bias. Not all will offer the same advice and not all of them will get the same diagnosis or prognosis.

Why do you think so many people sometimes like to get second opinions?

Some even want more than a second.

Some find themselves cured when otherwise were told they were incurable.

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That doesn’t guarantee being smart

They’re smart too

Can be many reasons…

Do they have bad experiences with doctors?

I used to be a real meek patient, but i know i never trust doctors and therapists again, or not blindly anyway, because they made such grave mistakes in me (e.g. prescribe medication that is known for causing psychosis when i already had had psychosis) and in others around me too (e.g. my aunt with 4 young kids died because a doctor failed to take her seriously, it was such a mistake that my uncle got loads of money for compensation and the doc stopped doing this type of work). I had so many doctors tell me ■■■■■■■■ that was either scientifically wrong or wrong for me.

I think it is healthy to think for yourself. Not disregard everything, of course. But be very critical and do your own research, ask second opinions, be alert to your own responses, because it is about your life, health. Western medicine isnt perfect and doctors arent perfect.

So…that is why i have that attitude… .:wink:

Why they have it, i dont know…

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My former in laws never went to a doctor or dentist. They only believed in chiropractic. They were really extreme with everything.

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