People who appreciate me

Even though lately I’ve been rather uptight, in recent months I have been really grateful for the people I interact with through the week including my mother and my brother; my support team at the local mental health clinic; the staff and other clients at the activity center and the people I volunteer with. And last, but certainly not least the people on this forum. After my last volunteer position ended at the computer center (as well as my “friendship” with the coordinator) it became pretty harrowing and even after my last meltdown I was still in the throes of what I think was narcissistic victim disorder. I have since forgiven my former “friend” for causing my meltdown at least in my head. I now know to never let someone like him into my life and can only hope that he gets the help I think he needs. It usually takes intensive therapy to treat the victim, but somehow I pulled out of it on my own. As Bat for Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) sings “Thank God, I’m alive!”


Thank god you’re alive!