People were wondering about me

I could tell people were watching me at Walmart and thinking that we have it way too easy because I was wearing nice clothes. I got the shirt on sale at the Manna Center for a dollar because it was on sale. The same was true about my shorts. A lot of these thrift stores are burning loads and loads of clothes in order to keep the price from reaching rock bottom. People used to leave bags and bags of clothes at our assisted living center, and some of our people took to hoarding clothes. They would have bags and bags of clothes in their rooms. They made them stop that.


Well, on the bright side, you looked nice :slight_smile:


When I bought my sofa the lady said she could tell I worked by the way I dressed. I told her I was disabled and she fumbled for the next thing to say and looked down. People love to judge don’t they. Of course I guess I do it too lol.


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